The picture at the top of this page sums up my life pretty well:  That’s me with my 10-month-old son strapped to my back in 35 mph winds and biting rain on Cannon Beach in Oregon.  Yep.

I’m Ben Petersen and I love adventures.  I see life as a wild bucking bronco just asking to be saddled and ridden off into the sunset.  I’m an optimist, a dreamer and a creator.  I’m a guerrilla storyteller.  I make it happen and I tell it true.

I love to hike, bike, ski, swim, summit, paddle, backpack, run, romp, meander, wander and discover. I’m from the little town of Morgan, Utah where I learned to love the outdoors and its texture, depth and ability to soothe the soul.

On a professional level, I’m a storyteller and content creator.  I’ve got a background in all things digital:  video, photo, social, broadcast (TV and radio), E-commerce, search engine marketing/optimization, web management, digital asset management and design.  Someone called me a renaissance man once.  Maybe I am.  I get stuff done.  If there’s no one to help me get it done, I learn how to do it, then get it done.  I’m obsessive about quality work.

Here are a couple fun facts about me:

  • I studied Broadcast Journalism and Film in college with plans to be a documentary filmmaker.  I made one documentary, then decided to go into marketing.  I love art for art’s sake, but I also like to eat.
  • I love typography.  My typeface of the year is Avenir Futura in all its shapes and sizes.  I’ve had a recurring love affair with Optima over the years.
  • My greatest accomplishment to date is my family.
  • My favorite places are Southern Utah and Cooke City, Montana.
  • My left hand has multiple scars. Ask me to tell you how I nearly cut my fingers off with a machete sometime.
  • My biggest pet peeve is stepping in water with socks on.  It’s the worst.
  • I worked at a carwash one summer in college.  I didn’t make much money, but I built awesome forearms and I’ve been religious about cleaning and waxing my vehicles ever since.
Mt. Adams false summit. June 2014. Photo by Darren Ernst
Mt. Adams false summit. June 2014. Photo by Darren Ernst