Personal Safety 

  • What It Was:  A campaign to promote a line of personal safety tools.
  • Strategy:  Drive CRKT customers to a useful video on how to use the tools.  Reward engagement via giveaways and a 10% off sale.
  • Results:  161,000 organic impressions.  22,500 engagements.  12,500 YouTube views and 194% increase in audience retention on the video, compared to other videos on the channel.  +62% revenue of the personal safety tools line during the promotion period.
  • In depth case study available upon request.


Veff Cuts Better 

  • What It Was:  a grassroots campaign to increase visibility around a CRKT innovation, Veff Serrations.
  • Strategy:  Give away knives on multiple platforms to drive engagement, encourage sharing and educate the customer about Veff Serrations.  This included videos on YouTube, posts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Caveat:  Because CRKT sells knives, Google and Facebook's weapon policy don't allow paid advertising on the products.  The campaign had to be 100% organic.
  • Results:  183,627 organic impressions.  20,274 engagements.  4,900 new email subscribers.
  • In depth case study available upon request.


Trade it Tuesday Trade-it-tuesday

  • What It Was:  A weekly refillable campaign to engage the CRKT Facebook audience.
  • Strategy:  We posted a product for trade on the CRKT Facebook page.  Fans posted their items for trade. Trade occurred. Stoke ensued.
  • Results:  Compared to typical posts, Trade it Tuesday saw +114% average impressions and +75% average engagement.
  • See the campaign in action here.
  • In depth case study available upon request.

30,000 New Fans in 60 days 30,000-fans-60-days

  • What It Was:  A calculated blitz to add new fans to our Facebook page and put our products in front of the masses during the holidays.
  • Strategy:  Use Facebook giveaways of key CRKT products to encourage photo sharing and top of mind awareness with consumers.
  • Results:  2 million+ impressions on Facebook during the giveaway period.  More than 100,000 engaged fans during the holidays.  30,000 new fans in 2 months (45,000 to 75,000 fans).
  • See the campaign in action here.
  • In depth case study available upon request.