From 2011-2012, I produced, filmed and edited a documentary about a Central American nation called the Garifuna.

My Garifuna research included over 20 hours of interviews with people inside and outside the culture. The final documentary about the Garifuna was only 18 minutes long, but I transcribed every interview word for word. This left a large volume of unpublished content and information on the Garifuna. I am publishing it here on my personal website to make it available to people in the future. All of these interviewees signed a release and the research was IRB approved for human subjects. Funding provided by the BYU Office of Research and Creative Activities.

Los Angeles, California Garifuna Interviews

Ruben Reyes, Garifuna Advocate and Preservationist

Clifford Palacio, Garifuna Teacher

Rita Palacio, Garifuna Mother

Carlos Alvarez, Garifuna Drummer

Jorge Garifuna, Garifuna Entrepreneur and Businessman

Melecio Gonzalez, Garifuna Historian

Rony Figueroa, Garifuna Preservationist and Labuga Radio DJ

Gerald Reyes, Garifuna Father

Devon Garcia, Garifuna Student

Erica Zuniga, Garifuna Dance Instructor

Cheryl Norales, Garifuna-American Mother and Preservationist

Cue, Garifuna Restaurant Owner in Los Angeles

Dale Aranda, Garifuna Drummer

Aziatic, Garifuna Musician

Sarah England, Garifuna Researcher

Limon, Honduras Garifuna Interviews

Bernardo Guerrero, Garifuna Activist

Arsenio, Garifuna Community Member

Tornabe, Honduras Garifuna Interviews

Jorge Castillo, Tornabe Mayor

Juan Pablo Lino, Garifuna Community Member

Donald, Garifuna Community Member

Fermin Zuniga, Garifuna Community Member

Victor Virgilio Lopez, Garifuna Historian

Neco, Tornabe Resident

Juan Nuñez, Garifuna Buyei (spiritual leader)

Felipa, Garifuna Anciana

New Orleans, Louisiana Garifuna Interviews

Luciano, New Orleans Business Owner

Lesli Velasquez, Garifuna Mother

Jim Chaney, LSU Doctorate Candidate and Garifuna Researcher

Ingrid Rivas, Garifuna Immigrant

Triunfo de la Cruz, Honduras Garifuna Interviews

Lala, Garifuna Mother

Faustino Ramos, Garifuna Community Leader

Ceferino Chemilio, Garifuna Artisan/a>