Simple Pleasures

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My new favorite company is Saddleback Leather. Their business is simple: make quality leather bags that will last a really long time; buy nice or buy twice. I like the way that tastes. I started looking into the company and why they run their business like they do. The founder and CEO caught my attention immediately. His name is Dave Munson and he’s a special kind of brilliant– a flamboyant, love it or leave it sort of brilliant. He keeps a blog where he writes about his company and offers thoughts on life. One of the posts that he wrote was entitled “Simple Pleasures of a Man” where he listed simple things in life that make him happy (if you want to read it, it appears to be lost currently in the internet ether. I tracked it down here. ) He inspired me and I started keeping a list of the simple pleasures in my life. Here is my current list, in no particular order. I’ll add more as they come along:

  • Snuggling in bed with my family on Saturday mornings.
  • Nayeli running to give me a hug when I get home from work.
  • Swimming laps after a haircut.
  • Walks during my lunch break.
  • Oregon blackberries.
  • Wild food!

  • Seeing young men succeed.
  • Playing in the rain with Nayeli.
  • Letting Nayeli get wet and muddy.
  • Painting just to paint– no form or function, just painting.
  • Full moons on fresh snow.
  • Good night hugs and kisses.
  • Correctly identifying a font!
  • Finishing projects at work.
  • Driving with the windows down and the radio off.
  • A newborn sleeping on my chest.
  • Drinking ice cold milk straight from the carton.
  • Jumping into a river on a hot day.
  • Sandcastles.
  • Beach combing.
  • Mornings.
  • Finishing books.